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Its general objective is to contribute to the development of the information technologies sector, seeking to achieve long-term growth in Mexico and to be internationally competitive.
Specific objectives:
  • Promote exports and attract investments   
  • Raise the quantity and quality of Human Capital.
  • Promote the adoption of a legal framework which contributes to the use and production of IT.
  • Foster linkages between IT users and IT companies located in the country.
  • Create a broad base of enterprises and IT sector groups, and at the same time elevate their level of competitiveness.
  • Promote international levels of maturity processes.
  • Increase funding mechanisms.
Mexico IT is an initiative executed by the National Chamber of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technologies (CANIETI), an industry association of leading IT companies in Mexico that receives the support of the Mexican Ministry of Economy through the Program for the Development of the Software Industry (PROSOFT).
ProMéxico is the Mexican Government’s institution in charge of strengthening Mexico’s participation in the international economy. With this objective in mind, the institution supports the export activities of companies established in the country and coordinates actions to attract foreign direct investments to the national territory.
Tech BA
Program of Mexico’s Ministry of Economy and The United States–Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC).
It offers advice to and mentors Small and Medium-sized Mexican Technological Businesses (PYME's) to foster their growth in Mexico and in other countries.
It opens high-value global markets to Mexican SME’s in sectors and regions with strong innovation potential in Mexico.
It facilitates the creation of thousands of both, direct and indirect new high-quality jobs in the production chains and specialized niches where the SME’s participate.