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Nuevo Leon's IT Industry

Nuevo Leon's IT Industry

Monterrey’s entrepreneurial legacy makes it the starting point for the development of the IT industry. It has more than 25 years of international experience and groups more than 350 software companies. The headquarters of the largest information technology and communications companies in Latin America are located in Monterrey.
Monterrey is becoming a key player in the IT industry, not only by consistently delivering high-quality and innovative solutions based on rigorous processes that meet the highest international standards and certifications; but also because of the strong support the Government provides through the implementation of initiatives and strategies that thrive thanks to Monterey’s deep sense of collaboration and competitiveness.
Basic Figures of Nuevo Leon’s IT Cluster
400+ IT companies
11,000+  Jobs
500 Million USD Annual Sales (2011)
US$ 40,000 Average Sales per job
7,000+  New positions created between 2004 and 2010
1,500+ New IT graduates per year
Goals regarding the number of engineers and sales per person
Growth of 16,000 engineers by 2013, according to our projection
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