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IT Industry In Mexico

IT Industry in Mexico

Mexico is not only the closest country to the largest market in the world, but a country that offers a near-shore concept that includes NAFTA benefits, IP protection, human capital capabilities, no problem with different time zones, a similar business culture, and the government´s strong support. 
Mexico has destinations that, when complemented with local incentives related to investments and job creation, can be rich and have great potential.
High-quality and low-cost services are provided by global Mexican companies to US & Canadian IT Industries that are looking for nearshore service opportunities.
Mexico should be considered by clients evaluating country options due to a combination of factors that include competitive labor costs, lower risks, and other business drivers, such as same time zone, short distance for traveling, and cultural similarities.
Gartner's Country Raiting for the Americas Region
*Source Gartner (February 2010)
In Latin America, Mexico ranks first as the country with the largest number of open IT services, organizations, and facilities. 
According to Gartner, Mexico is the location of choice for foreign vendors seeking to open locations in Latin America. In December 2010, Frances Karamouzis and Jason Harris, from Gartner, wrote: “Mexico's attractiveness as an offshore destination for U.S. organizations is based on a combination of factors, including competitive total service costs (versus lowest labor costs), lower risk than other competitor offshore destinations for sourcing, and other business drivers, such as cultural alignment, a short travel distance, and being in the same time zone.” 
They also consider that Mexico has favorable conditions as a destination for captive or outsourced offshore IT, specifically for application development services, business process services, and call centers. 
In A.T. Kearney’s 2011 Global Services Location Index, the city of Monterrey is referred to as a major ITO and BPO center and home to Mexico’s most successful home grown IT firms, as well as having some of the country’s top technical talent.
Mexico is slightly more expensive than India and China, but less than Brazil and many Eastern European locations when only labor costs are compared.
Mexico has more than 100 IT companies that have received important certifications because of the high quality of their goods and/or services; CMMI and Moprosoft¹  are two examples among many.

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